Episode 2

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4th Dec 2019

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How are we talking to each other about Climate stuff? It's sometimes an awkward conversation, right? How do we practice being non-judgemental when we feel really passionately about something? Or maybe we should be challenging each other more? Do good intentions matter or just good deeds? What do we do with our rage? How do we avoid despair and turn it into hopeful action?

There's a lovely chat in this one with Meredith from MAD challenges https://madchallenges.org/

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Chats about Climate Change
I set myself the challenge of having 100 conversations about Climate Change with my friends, my friends of friends, my family, their friends, their dogs (not really), folk I met on the bus (ok, again not really) and pretty much anyone who would talk about it with me (really!) I've edited the conversations together to share all the bestest bits with you. My favourite review so far is 'I felt stirred but hopeful' (my mum*****.) It's recommended to start at the beginning, theres an arc. (We might need one in the current state of affairs.)
I don't want to show off, but I've got one or two very cool potty mouthed pals (i.e. there's a couple of unbeeped sweary words. Just tame ones.)

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